October 5, 2017

Do you ever wonder if/when you should offer discounts?

Do you ever wonder if/when you should offer discounts?

Or how to convert hourly clients to value pricing?

Or what to do on your website if you are trying to reach two different types of buyers?

Today, I answered these questions and more for students during our live group coaching video session.

Here are actual questions we tackled today from folks just like you:

“I’m setting up a productized service. I have a flat rate price. What do you suggest on offering bulk discounts? For example - a 5 pack at 25% off each?” (timestamp: 3m 5s)

“I noticed you exclusively offer productized services on your website (jonathanstark.com). Four questions: 1) Is that how you value price? 2) Don’t you feel like you leave money on the table in some cases? 3) Do you find these easiest to sell? 4) Do you ever do custom engagements? Thanks!” (timestamp: 6m 17s)

“I’ve recently incorporated roadmapping services into our web development business and I’m curious what type of format/info you provide. If you have a sample or a template you wouldn’t mind sharing - even better :)” (timestamp: 13m 5s)

“Many of my family, friends, and colleagues are not people who make decisions to purchase services such as I might offer. Will this limit the effectiveness of my “magic wand” interview with them?” (timestamp: 21m 38s)

“I’m struggling with managing my time. I have a couple of ongoing hourly customers with lots of deadlines. Moving off of hourly feels like it is going to take a very long time. Any suggestions or tips on how to overcome this?” (timestamp: 29m 51s)

“Do you find that there is really a minimum company size, whether it be head count or yearly revenue, necessary to offer our services, otherwise, it’s not worth the time and energy?” (timestamp: 36m 18s)

“Is it possible to do retainers for implementation work without falling into the hourly trap again? Or should implementation work typically be value-based?” (timestamp: 42m 14s)

“I have two target markets. One is $5-50mil+ companies looking for the equivalent of a digital marketing manager/advisor, and the other is small businesses who tend to DIY. Do you think it’s confusing if I target two very different markets like this?” (timestamp: 47m 44s)

“Do you have ideas on switching existing clients to value pricing?” (timestamp: 56m 58s)

“How do you respond to the ’But what happens when you’re hit by a bus’ objection? Particularly when selling a large project with some amount of support required down the road.” (timestamp: 64m 53s)

“What do you think is one or some of the best ways to get street cred for any given industry?” (timestamp: 68m 16s)

Would you like to know the answers to these questions?

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