September 26, 2017

How to build your first productized service

Have you ever heard the term “productized service”?

It’s a relatively new term and isn’t yet well defined, but here’s what you need to know: creating a productized service is a great solution for a service provider who wants to stop trading time for money.

Here’s my definition:

Productized Service—A fixed-scope service that you offer at a published price.

The marketing and sales process for a pure service are labor intensive. There is a lot of communication with the prospect prior to closing a sale (e.g., sending and responding to initial emails, scheduling meetings, attending meetings, sending follow-ups, defining outcomes, drafting timelines, writing proposals, negotiating payment terms, etc.)

With a productized service, all questions of price, scope, terms, value, timeline, deliverables, and so on can be addressed on a single static web page.

Furthermore, the fixed and repeatable nature of a productized service allow you to optimize the heck out of it over time to dramatically decrease the level of effort it takes you to deliver the client’s desired outcome.

In other words, you get more money for less work, and your client gets a better outcome in less time.

Win win.

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