September 21, 2017

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Do you ever wonder how to add high-profit advisory services to your mix of offerings?

Or how to pick the target market that will most value your expertise?

Or what you should do before investing weeks (or months!) of your life into building your first product?

Today, I answered these questions and more for students during our first live group coaching video session.

Here are actual questions we tackled today from folks just like you:

“I want to get completely away from project work and get into consulting (just like you). I’ve never had a consulting / advisory gig before but am very confident I would do well at it. What’s something I could do daily to reach that goal?” (timestamp: 4m 50s)

“I’ve identified a potential target market that I want to provide consulting services to. They are essentially my competitors. What’s the best way to show my strengths while giving them confidence I won’t steal their business? (timestamp: I’m a WordPress developer).” (timestamp: 12m 38s)

“I’m having a tough time deciding on a target market. What things did you consider when deciding on credit unions for your market for mobile consulting? Any tips on choosing a market, other than just choosing something, reaching out to that group, and testing the waters? (I’m a Rails Dev / AWS engineer)” (timestamp: 19m 47s)

“I get a ton of referrals from internet marketing / SEO companies. Is it feasible to find other internet marketing agencies who have a WP dev service who might build sites just to get the SEO business? If I can help them build better sites, they might be able to retain SEO clients longer.” (timestamp: 33m 7s)

“Should I pick a vertical based on who I have connections to, or based on ideas I have about solutions I could provide to various industries?” (timestamp: 46m 56s)

“I have an idea on how to turn my services into a product, but I don’t want to spend too much time working on it without knowing that other would buy it, I’m thinking of starting small, but struggling on a good approach, kind of open ended question” (timestamp: 55m 11s)

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