Captain’s log, stardate 20170831


The .01%

Sent by Jonathan Stark on August 31st, 2017

Let’s say I have a superpower that allows me to make a horse run 70 miles per hour for up to five minutes.

How much would this superpower be worth to someone who:

As novel and impressive as my superpower might be to the average person, each will value it differently depending on their circumstances.

If you’ve never heard of a horse (or “miles per hour”) you wouldn’t likely pay a dime for my superpower because you don’t understand what it is or why anyone would care about it.

If you own “Lookin At Lee”, the thoroughbred who took second place at the Kentucky Derby this year, you’d probably be willing to pay something north of $1,000,000 USD for my superpower.

What’s my point?

YOU have a superpower!

99.99% of the people you pass on the street don’t understand what it is or why anyone would care about it.

But .01% do.

The .01% are your ideal clients.

These are the clients who wish they knew you existed.

These are the clients who will thank you for sending an unsolicited email.

These are the clients who will happily write you a fat check.

All of your marketing should be about getting yourself in front of your .01% in a way that causes them to recognize your superpower.



P.S. Naturally, you’re not going to charge your .01% for your superpower by the hour, right? RIGHT?!


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