August 27, 2017

Free upgrade to Hourly Billing is Nuts

As one of the delightful and intelligent individuals who bought my book Hourly Billing Is Nuts (aka HBIN), you are now entitled to a free upgrade!


Because this weekend I rearranged the HBIN pricing and now some of the bonuses that were included in the $119 package are available in the package that you bought.

To say thanks for your early support, I’m making these bonuses available to you for free!

Here are the bonuses:

Learn Your Lines

What To Say When Clients Put You On The Spot—In this 86 page handbook you’ll learn exactly how to answer common client questions like:

Pigeonhole Yourself

Transform Your Marketing From Soggy To Solid With These Real-World Examples—In this 57 page handbook you’ll learn:

What say you?

If you’d like to receive these two handbooks, just reply to this email with a yes/thumbs-up and I’ll issue a free order ASAP. Thanks again!