August 3, 2017

Outreach prep steps 1 & 2 complete!

Brace yourself for a data dump... A couple days ago, I outlined my outreach plan for my mobile consulting business. Today, I’m going to share the results of the first two steps of prep work.

Step 1 - Make a list of “non-stop” cities

I want to focus on credit unions that are headquartered in cities that are exactly one flight away from me. There are 8 cities that my local airport (PVD) serves non-stop:

Step 2 - Make a list of 100 Credit Unions in my “non-stop” cites

Credit unions headquartered in my “non-stop” cities:

Okay okay... that’s enough for now.

Atlanta and Chicago combined have 87 credit unions within the city limits. I stopped there to have a clean break between cities.

If these mostly all turn out to be duds, I could move on to Charlotte and the other non-stop cities.


While doing this research, it occurred to me that I have tons of friends in Atlanta and Chicago and almost no friends in the other non-stop cities. So if I have to expand my search, I’ll probably move to the surrounding areas of these two cities rather than move on to other cities where I have hardly any connections.


A number of questions surfaced in my mind while I was making this list of credit unions:

Note how incredibly specific these questions are to my chosen target market. Knowing the answers will almost surely differentiate me from my competitors once I begin talking with prospects.

Immediate Next Steps

I think I can tackle all of this in time for my next message. Cross your fingers! :-)


If you have picked a target market, this kind of research is not hard or time-consuming. It’s just a little boring and unfamiliar if you’re used to (and enjoy) coding all day.

If you’re considering picking a target market and doing some research, I would urge you to resist the temptation to outsource to a VA or something, at least at first.

Digging through data like this is a good way to deepen your understanding of your chosen market fairly quickly. Think of it as training your gut instincts. At some point, it’ll become rote and you can outsource it if you like.

Stay tuned for more outreach!



P.S. Not sure how to research (or even pick!) a target market? Apply for a 1-on-1 coaching call and I’ll walk you through it ->