July 31, 2017

Product ladder and outreach for JSC

Earlier this year, I rebooted my mobile consulting business with a shiny new website focused specifically on the credit union space.

(NOTE: For some backstory on this, search your inbox for messages from me that contain “jsc” or “reinventing”)

I got some immediate signs of traction from this, in the form of random people from my network spontaneously offering to introduce me to their credit union contacts.

I’ve had a few very useful market research meetings as a result of these introductions, and the introductions continue to trickle in without any additional effort on my part. However, I have had little sales activity come of out it so far.

I could be doing a lot more to ramp up my pipeline of credit unions leads. Toward that end, I have fleshed out the offerings in my product ladder, reorganized my services page, and added fixed public prices for everything.

Having a wide range of fixed price productized services available to choose from greatly decreases the friction of the sales process for both me and prospective clients. No proposals, no negotiations, no tire-kickers.

You can check it out here:

https://mobile.jonathanstark.com/consulting-services (password: mobile)

My next step is to start an active outreach email campaign to try to set up short “are we a good fit” calls. My target buyer will be senior marketing managers (e.g. CMO, VP Marketing, Director of Marketing, et al).

In terms of organizational size, I’m going to reach out to credit unions of all shapes and sizes to see if there’s a sweet spot of interest in my expertise.

It’s hard to imagine improving on Blair Enns’ prospecting email template, so I’ll be using that as my base:


I’ll be sure to report back as things unfold!



P.S. Friends don’t let friends bill by the hour. Gift options available at checkout -> http://hourlybillingisnuts.com