July 14, 2017

Ditching Hourly 028: The Goldilocks Problem with guest Josh Robbs

Back again already with another episode of Ditching Hourly!

(FYI - I have a bunch of interviews in the can that I really want to release, so you can expect a flurry over the next few weeks or so.)

This time around, I’m joined by listener Josh Robbs who asks:

Hi Jonathan!

I’m stuck and it might be a problem that other beginners (or people changing their positioning) have. Seriously, this is my ultimate positioning / expensive problem frustration. Might be some newsletter or podcast fodder.

I’m supposed to find people with a problem I can solve. They need to know that they have a problem. They need to be able to pay for the problem to be fixed. They need to be interested in solving the problem. The problem needs to be expensive.

If they’re interested in and able to fix the problem, wouldn’t they have fixed it?

The porridge can’t be too hot, but it can’t be too cold.

I know that people who need, in my case, web design exist. But when I try to define them, they end up sounding... impossible. And if they were real, how would you find the right people since they all look the same. The “too rich to care”, the “too broke to pay”, and the Goldilocks clients all look the same.

Something I can’t get past.


In our conversation we cover topics including: