May 27, 2017

3 great replies from readers re job vs business

Yesterday’s message regarding the question “What’s the difference between having a job and having a business?” inspired some thoughtful (and concise!) replies that I thought were worth sharing:

“The difference is agency of your destiny. In a job, you have a boss who dictates your choices to you. When you own a business, you have total discretion over how you conduct your business.” —Kurt E.

“For me, a business is an asset, plain and simple. Working ’on’ the business creates equity. Easier said than done though.” —Kris P.

“In a job your work toward someone else’s vision under their constraints. In a business you work toward your own vision under your own constraints. A lot of tasks may be the same. Even the people who pay the bills can be the same. But who sets the overall vision and who defines the constraints of the work is, in my view the key difference.” —Mike D.

Thanks folks!



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