March 30, 2017

Intangible qualities vs intangible benefits

Coming up “me focused” intangibles is pretty easy.

One I hear all the time from developers is:

“I write elegant code.”

Unless your clients are planning to wear your code to the Oscars, they don’t care how elegant it is.

BUT they might care about some of the benefits that elegant code provides.

For example:

These items are all still intangible - i.e., it’s hard to put any of them on a balance sheet with an exact dollar figure assigned - but instead of being “me focused” intangibles, they’re “you focused” intangibles.

This becomes more evident if you imagine how you might incorporate them into a marketing piece, a project proposal or a sales meeting:

Now instead of weak “me focused” intangible qualities, you have strong “you focused” intangible benefits.

Different clients are going to value different items from this list. Or none of them. Or others that I haven’t listed.

The way you determine which intangible benefits a given prospect values is to have a Why Conversation.

Not sure what they value? Ask.



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