February 20, 2017

“Researching my target market online”

A few weeks ago, you expressed an interested in “shoulder surfing” while I relaunched the website for my primary business.

(As a reminder: my primary business is mobile strategy consulting and the website for this lives at http://jonathanstark.com)

Several things have happened since I last emailed about it:

Guess what? 

I published a secret sample video as an example of what to expect.

As a valued member of my inner circle, you can view the entire sample video right now, free of charge :-)

It’s entitled “Researching My Target Market Online” and you can view in its entirety (25 minutes) on any device right now by clicking here:  

Researching My Target Market Online

If you do like the sample video, I highly confident that you’ll love the entire series.

If you don’t like the sample video, I’d love it if you’d please take a minute to let me know why. 

Pricing and availability for the “Relaunching Me” weekly video series will be available on March 1st, 2017.

Stay tuned!