February 5, 2017

Download links for the slides and templates in the “How To” videos

A few people who bought the HBIN Complete Bundle have asked for the slides and templates I mentioned in the “How To” videos. I’m sorry I didn’t think to include those originally - DERP! Anyway, here are the download links for you:

How To Increase Your Income Without Hiring Junior Developers

Slides: https://jstark.co/2kgG6mg

How To Price Your Services Without Leaving Money On The Table

Slides: https://jstark.co/2kClgeO

How To Write Proposals That Close Without Lowering Your Prices

Slides: https://jstark.co/1Tjwznu

Proposal templates:



How To Prevent Scope Creep Without Writing Massive Spec Documents

Slides: https://jstark.co/24OJKG5

How To Handle Deadlines Without Agreeing To Them

Slides: https://jstark.co/2ae6ynZ