January 15, 2017

Stop asking your clients for their uneducated opinion

Brent G wrote in to say he got a ton of value out of an episode of the Freelancers’ Show that I recorded with friends Philip Morgan and Reuven Lerner. Here’s what Brent had to say (edited for length, shared with permission):

Hey Jonathan.

Just finally getting around to listening to #233 of The FS podcast.

Wow. It’s like y’all got together and decided to create an episode just for me.

Because I’ve been doing staff aug, I never write proposals or do what I would consider discovery. I get hired off my resume and an interview.

Thanks for all the education.. again…

Thanks for the kind words, Brent!

For folks who have been doing staff aug like Brent (i.e., getting paid by the hour to do as you are told and not ask questions), I think you’ll really enjoy the conversation:

Freelancers’ Show Episode 233: FS Meddling Clients