December 1, 2016

Deliverables != Benefits

Wow! Big response to yesterday’s “Gut check...” message:


Thanks, y’all! I’m still going through them but I’ve already noticed a pattern in the answers to question #3.

In case you missed the email, question 3 was:

> 3. How does your ideal client benefit from your core product/service?

Lots of folks answered by describing something they do.

Things you do (e.g., actions, activities, labor, deliverables) are not benefits.

Things you do may result in benefits, but they are not benefits unto themselves.

What I was looking for was:

How are your clients better off when you’re done?


Here are some things that my personal trainer Adam, does:

None of these things are benefits.

These things are actions that may lead to benefits.

So ask yourself:

What benefits does your ideal client derive from your assistance?

If you have no idea (most people don’t) ask a past client.