October 27, 2016

The 21 Positioning Statements

The final tally for the positioning statement review is 21.

Thanks again to everyone who took the time to wrestle with this and graciously agreed to share with the group!

I’m going to send out my review/rewrite email tomorrow, but first I would like you to read them without my feedback.

As you read each draft LFPS in the list below, ask yourself:

The 21 Positioning Statements:

“I’m a digital marketing consultant who helps online coaches build their authority. Unlike my competitors, I use better-than-ethical techniques.”

“We help self-publishing fiction authors sell more books by providing the same comprehensive writing and production services that traditional publishers offer.”

“My php courses help people working as tech support move to a more profitable and enjoyable career path.”

“I’m an art director who helps franchisors attract new franchisees. Unlike my competitor, I focus branding efforts on their existing retail customers instead of using 3rd party sources like brokers, recruiting websites or franchise expos.”

“I’m a digital media consultant who helps independent consultants get more clients. Unlike my competitors, I focus on client acquisition rather than vanity metrics like anonymous page views.”

“I’m a digital business strategist who helps purpose-driven solo and micro preneurs build sustainable businesses that support their vision and their bottom line. Unlike my competitors, I focus on developing long-term consistency and durability, rather than quick fixes that lead to spikes and crashes.”

“I’m an IT consultant for medium to large companies facing the disruption of a company demergers. I guide CIOs early on in the demerger process, when all eyes are on them as they face critical infrastructure decisions.”

“I’m a business developer who helps IT SMEs with the dreaded feast and famine cycle. Unlike my competitors, I use my computer engineering background and technology buyer experience, so my clients can communicate in “buyer’s English” to land only perfect clients with sexy projects.”

“I’m a Web App Consultant who helps Small to Medium Sized Businesses make Money by Gaining Visibility Through Web Presence and Automation. Unlike my competitors, I focus on Saving You Money by Saving You Time.”

“I help B2B bootstrapped companies and consultants increase their effective hourly rate. I do this via revenue and research-driven product design and content strategy. Instead of guessing which strategy will be best, I help people make data-driven decisions.”

“I’m a web application performance consultant who helps Fortune 1000 companies dramatically improve their results. Unlike other experts, I have 20 years’ experience solving revenue-impacting performance problems on a daily basis.”

“I’m a web application developer who helps bank REO department managers create board reports in minutes instead of days. Unlike my competitors, I do this by eliminating the need for spreadsheets.”

“I’m a brand designer who helps small teams boost their reputation and land bigger clients. Unlike other designers, I focus on measurable improvements and insights, rather than creating superficial designs.”

“I’m a digital designer who helps design agencies translate their client’s brands to the digital space. Unlike my competitors, I have a deep understanding of the relationship between brand, technology and content.”

“We combine strategy, design, branding and web development to help mission-driven organizations move their audiences to action. Organizational goals — not subjective or superficial factors — drive everything we build.”

“We’re a .NET development company that helps profitable and growth hungry small to medium businesses overcome inefficient or broken business processes. Unlike our competitors we live and work on the edge of the world which keeps us sharp, creative and tenacious (as we have to hold on to each other so no-one falls off.)”

“I’m a writer who helps techies and innovators articulate their offering in a way that resonates with stakeholders – investors, prospects, and everyone-else. Unlike my competitors – bah! I have none! – I do not start with words or writing. Instead, using instinct, business acumen, magic, and a passion connection, I start with digging down to the real message that will ring out over the rooftops.”

“I am a design consultant who helps scaling SaaS companies increase revenue. Unlike my competitors, I focus on the right conversion rate metric to justify my design interventions.”

“I’m a data analyst who helps social enterprises make better informed decisions ; unlike my competitors I turn around insights in weeks or even days, rather than spending months on large reports.”

“We are an experience design agency that helps early stage startups kick-off their SaaS-based product. Unlike our competitors, we provide a startup-mentality education to our clients with a focus on business sustainability as the key metric, instead of distractions like “Is it pretty” or “I don’t like the color purple” that most agencies yield too much time toward.”

“I help businesses define effective processes and build systems to make their operations run smoother and more profitably. Unlike my competitors, I quote you a fixed-fee in advance and don’t stop until you are 100% satisfied that I have met the objectives of the project.”

Stay tuned... my review email with feedback and example rewrites will be in your inbox tomorrow :)


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