September 27, 2016

Three Simple Ways to Transition to a Value Pricing Model

In keeping with the current twin themes of “podcasting” and “what can be value priced,” here is an interview I did with Ed Gandia on his business writing podcast for copywriters:


From the description on Ed’s site:

In this episode, we move from the theoretical to the practical. And we discuss three simple ways you can begin transitioning your business to this lucrative model. My guest is Jonathan Stark, a mobile strategy consultant who helps retail brands thrive in a post-PC era. He’s written three books on web development including O’Reilly’s Building iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which has been translated into seven languages. He’s a real pro at value pricing, and I love the perspective he has on the subject. It’s straightforward and very applicable to what we do as freelance writers and copywriters.

NOTE: Even though this show is directed at copywriters, the principles apply to any professional service provider (including software developers, of course)



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