August 2, 2016

How to politely push back on arbitrary project deadlines in the sales process

What should you say during the sales process when a client asks:

“Can you have this project done by [DATE]?”

This is a common question in the sales process. And it’s understandable why a prospect would want to know when you’d be done. But that doesn’t change that fact that blurting out a date would be a very risky thing to do. 

You need to push back, but how do you do so in a way that is not combative or off-putting?

You don’t want to say things like:

Instead, explain to the client why setting a deadline would be bad for them:

While you’re at it, you could consider mentioning that anyone who promises to meet their arbitrary deadline is probably doing so out of inexperience or opportunism. 

Do you think these approaches would work for you? Hit reply and lemme know.