Daily Broadcast Emails

I recently switched my daily emails over from campaign to broadcast and I LOVE IT.

(Major gracias to @philip_morgan for helping me avoid some pitfalls in the transition.)

It felt weird at first to use Drip for broadcast messages (and maybe it is weird) but the feeling of authoring an email that I know is going to hit everyone at the same time it is so much better than writing one that will trickle out over time.

It also solves a bunch of complications that arise from Drip campaigns, like:

  1. Having to write EVERYTHING in a date-less, evergreen way.

  2. Responding to replies to old not perfect emails that you have since clarified in subsequent messages.

  3. Nothing ever fades away - i.e., now that I have published a book that contains many of the old emails from my campaigns, I feel a strong need to “retire them” which drastically complicates things.

  4. Writing as broadcast means that lots of people will miss good stuff that was published before they subscribed... which means that I can collect old things into my next book without worrying about screwing up my main daily list.

  5. When I have an event based announcement (e.g., monthly webcast, book annoucement, product launch) I can just create a few emails about it for my main list, instead of switching back and forth between campaign and broadcast which is super awkward, confusing, and unpredictable.

  6. I still use traditional Drip campaigns as feeders into my daily broadcast and I think that’s quite useful (because I couldn’t keep up with all of them individually). Once a subscriber completes a feeder campaign, they are tagged as “moved to daily broadcast” and they start getting my daily broadcast.

  7. A few times so far, I have segmented my daily email into two groups and sent two different emails. I could do this with conditionals in a single email, but so far they haven’t been subtle differences so having two completely different emails makes more sense.

I have said this before but I’ll say it again - I have found it MUCH EASIER to write for my main list every day than to do it weekly (or monthly or randomly). If you’re considering going daily - and I think you should consider doing so if you aspire to become the “go-to” person for something - then you might want to jump straight to broadcast.



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