Cold Start

If you’re just getting started in consulting, this 10-step program from positioning guru Philip Morgan is pure gold. I pulled this list from a chat we had on the Freelancers’ Show podcast. If you’d like to hear the full conversation, check out episode 187.

  1. Interviews folks from potential target markets to discover an expensive problem
  2. Form an “expensive problem” hypothesis
  3. Develop a positioning statement
  4. Build a lead magnet (email course, cheatsheet, report, etc)
  5. Get/adapt social proof
  6. Build 1-page microsite with strong headline and prominent lead magnet opt-in and social proof (e.g.,
  7. Build a landing page just for the lead magnet (consider an easy to pronounce and easy to remember vanity domain name that 301s to your lead magnet landing page - e.g.,
  8. Build at least 1 month of weekly content for your list and schedule up in an autoresponder to go to people who opt in for your lead magnet
  9. Start teaching/e-bombing with CTAs pointing back to your lead magnet/email course landing page vanity domain name
  10. Build resource center and/or more list content

Thanks Philip!

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