Beta Service Invite Email Template

When you are working on a new service, it can be very helpful to beta test it with a real client. Doing so can unearth surprising objections, inform your pricing strategy, and garner glowing testimonials before you’ve even launched.

NOTE: the first sentence of the template below presumes that you’ve previously communicated with the client during your research phase.



Thanks again for sharing your expertise over the phone the other day. It was indispensable to me. I’ve done more research since we spoke and have decided to continue in this direction as it aligns with my experience and passion.

My question to you: would you be willing to beta test my new [SERVICE NAME] service? I would spend up to [AMOUNT OF TIME] free of charge to help [EXPENSIVE PROBLEM]. In return, you’d give me feedback about the quality and future pricing of my service and my sales page. And if all goes well, I’d greatly appreciate a testimonial to share on my website.

In terms of time commitment, I would just need [NUMBER OF MINUTES] of your time to [COORDINATE OUR EFFORTS] and within [TIMEFRAME] you would receive [DESCRIPTION OF SERVICE OUTCOME].

If this sounds good, please reply with a yes/thumbs up and I’ll send over times for a short call.



P.S. If you’d like to learn more about [SERVICE NAME] first, you can read all about it here: [LINK TO SALES PAGE]

Many thanks to Rails scaling guru Greg Navis for the email that inspired this template.

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