Which Payment Processor Should I Use?

Just had a LOOOOONG chat in my mastermind about payment processors.

We boiled down to this:

Go with Paypal or Stripe. Fee diffs are not relevant. The question is level of control and risk. If you want more control and less risk? Use Stripe. If you want to get up and running ASAP? Use Paypal.

Put another way... noobs should start with Paypal and focus on honing their core business offerings... Stripe is an optimization.

Here’s the thing:

Lots of designers and developers hate Paypal for cosmetic or philosophical reasons and therefore tend to prematurely rule it out. Is the Paypal user experience delightful or magical? No. But Paypal does a pretty good job of solving a hard problem for 99% of the humans on earth.

So my rule of thumb is: start with Paypal and move to Stripe if/when you start to feel pain from inefficiency.

Questions? Hit me up at jstark@jonathanstark.com - I read ’em all...

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