How To Prevent Scope Creep Without Sign-Offs

In response to my post about managing multiple projects without deadlines, I received this follow-up question:

Since you don’t ask for sign-off, how do you prevent a client from constantly asking for things like... I don’t know, one or two years after you got your final payment?

I don’t “prevent” it per se, but it never happens because I’m picky about who I work with. My mantra about this is:

I only work with clients who I’d like to have dinner with.

In more specific terms, I only work with clients who I like and trust - folks who I genuinely enjoy being around. This is a two-way street of course - clients who I like and trust are more likely to like and trust me. Over time, this creates a relationship based on mutual respect. 

Clients who respect you do not make unreasonable requests.

If you work with a lot of clients who are unreasonable and/or you don’t like or trust, you might want to do something about that. Attracting clients who you like and trust solves a lot of problems - you can do higher value work, increase your fees, and generally improve your quality of life. 

Do you have questions about how to attract better clients? Just email me at - I read every message :-)

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