Fighting Butterflies

Do you ever get butterflies in your stomach before an important meeting?

You know, the kind of meeting that could result in a breakthrough sale for your business?

Like, somehow you got a meeting with a decision maker at your dream client and you start to feel the pangs of impostor syndrome?

When that little voice in your head just keeps whispering, “they’re out of your league... what were you thinking?”

Sucks, right?

Here’s a personal story:

Earlier this year, I repositioned my mobile consulting business to focus specifically on a particular vertical market.

Tomorrow morning, I have a two hour onsite meeting at the headquarters of one of the largest of these organizations in the nation.

Landing a gig with these folks could easily represent an inflection point in the relaunch of my mobile consulting business. 

What am I going to say in the meeting? I have no idea.

How can I impress them? Also, no idea.

What should I pitch? No clue. 

I should be panicking, right?


The reality is that I don’t even have butterflies.

Why not? 

The reason that I’m not nervous is that I don’t have to say much of anything. 

I’m going there to have a Why Conversation.

My main job is to ask questions and get answers.

I need to find out:

(Note the glaring lack of questions about features or scope)

Naturally, they might have some questions for me. Here are some of the most likely, with my answers:

The bottom line is that I’m NOT going there to sell myself to them, I’m going there to find out if we’re a good fit.

If we are, then great!

If not, no amount of fast talking would result in a mutually beneficial relationship. 

Hence, no butterflies. 



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