May 3, 2024

Value Pricing Lightbulb Moment

Long-time list member and fellow daily emailer James Turner replied to one of my recent messages to report that it triggered a lightbulb moment for him. Maybe it will for you, too. Here’s our thread (edited slightly for clarity):


Hi Jonathan!

In today’s message, you said:

“The trick is finding out what the something is before you set your prices.”

Thank you for putting it like this! Value pricing is like doing super, super, super deep market-of-one research before setting your prices.

For some reason, this framing makes it seem much more reasonable/doable.


Yes! That’s a great way to put it. It’s like researching a market-of-one to set the prices for your proposal options.

(And by the way, only AFTER you set your prices do you decide what you can do for them at each amount)


Aha! The revelations keep on coming :)

I’m starting to feel like I just haven’t been paying attention in class, lol!


Haha! Thanks 🙏

James also wrote a short article based on our exchange that you can read here:

Value pricing explained perfectly (at least for me)

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