May 1, 2024

Reader feedback re The Trick to The Why Conversation

Long-time list member Allen Shaw replied to my last message with a fantastic psychological insight/hack that helps him stick to his guns during The Why Conversation (shared with permission, bold mine):

I think the “trick” for me is being honest with myself: Do I honestly have enough information yet to understand why this project is useful and valuable to the client?

It is, at first, too easy to give lip service to “having asked the right questions.” Maybe it’s a habit of thinking I need the work; maybe it’s an aversion to saying no, as if saying yes is the “polite” thing to do.

But with practice, I’ve learned to remember that I don’t need work that’s not good for the client, and that it’s not especially polite to agree to be paid for something the client doesn’t actually value.

With that, I have the mental space to ask myself whether I really understand the why. And if I don’t, I can keep asking until I do.



Thanks to Allen for sharing! I suspect his perspective will help others stick to their guns as well.