April 16, 2024

An AI Bot on how to compete with AI

I asked an AI trained on Seth Godin’s writing the following question:

What does Seth think humans can do that AI cant?

Here’s the reply:

Seth Godin recognizes that AI is increasingly capable and can perform a number of tasks originally carried out by humans. However, he posits that the space left for humans is in areas where we can’t easily define good and bad results. This includes taking initiative, creating random connections, and building trust. In essence, areas that require creativity and human intuition are the realms where we still hold an advantage over AI systems.

Ultimately, it’s the mix of creative thinking, unpredictability, emotional intelligence, and the ability to form genuine connections that Seth pinpoints as uniquely human qualities. These elements that involve complex decision-making, empathy, and intuition remain elusive for AI, and according to Seth, will likely continue to be the domain of humans.

This seems like an accurate and useful answer to me.

So the question becomes:

What can you do to transition your business away from things that AI is good at and toward things that humans are good at?