April 2, 2024

Tips, tricks, ideas, and inspiration for daily emails

Ever wondered what it’s like to run a daily email list?

In preparation for the launch of Email365, I interviewed several folks who have direct experience with exactly that.

The interviews are available as a limited-run podcast called Doing Daily.

It’s a behind-the-scenes look at how to start, run, and grow a daily mailing list.

Listen in for tips, tricks, ideas, and inspiration here:

Click here to listen to Doing Daily »




P.S. What if your ideal buyers looked forward to getting an email from you. every. single. day?

That’d be great, right?

But how would you get started...

Registration for Email365 is open now, and lessons start this coming Monday.


Folks from all over the world are already connecting inside the private Slack room.

I hope you’ll join us!