March 27, 2024

Bootstrapping Niche Expertise

Do you resist the idea of niching down on a particular target market because you think it would make you feel like a fraud?

For example...

Let’s say Alice is a web designer who has worked for a wide variety of clients over the years.

Things like...

A law firm, a personal trainer, an animal shelter, a charter school, a mayoral candidate, a crypto business, etc.

She is confident in her web design skills but doesn’t feel she has any special expertise serving a particular niche.

So, the idea of putting a headline on her website that indicates a specialization in a particular niche, like “websites for law firms,” is too scary.


Because she doesn’t know that much about law firms and feels like the headline implies that she does.

So, how might Alice bootstrap her way into a niche specialization for law firms?

There are probably dozens of ways, but here are three:

Over time, these activities will build Alice’s confidence to the point where she will be comfortable proclaiming her new niche specialization.