February 20, 2024

Turning The Tables

Here’s a novel idea...

Instead of trying to write a sales page targeted at your ideal clients, let’s write a sales page targeted at YOU.

Wanna play along at home?


Hit reply and answer the following questions inline in red:

Q1) Spend five minutes thinking back over the last week or so, and write down the BIGGEST PROBLEM you are currently facing. The more scary the problem is, the more useful it will be for this exercise.

Q2) Meditate on this problem for 60 seconds and then write a few sentences that describe HOW YOU FEEL when facing this problem.

Q3) Picture yourself receiving news that the problem has magically disappeared. POOF! Completely gone forever. Meditate on this daydream for 60 seconds, and then write a few sentences that describe HOW YOU WOULD FEEL if your biggest problem evaporated in a puff of smoke.

Q4) If someone could wave a wand and make your biggest problem magically disappear, how much would you GLADLY PAY THEM to wave it?

Q5) You probably have some general ideas about what approaches might solve your problem. Which do you guess would be the MOST EFFECTIVE approach? (i.e., not necessarily the easiest and probably not the cheapest)

Q6) With your most effective approach in mind, what are 5-10 RESERVATIONS you have about it? (i.e., the things that make you think this approach might not work for you after all)

Thanks in advance for playing along!

Stay tuned for more :-)