December 12, 2023

The trick to doing outreach for The Why Conversation

When folks hear about The Why Conversation in the context of outreach, they often ask something like this:

Should I have The Why Conversation with a prospect who I reached out to? It seems incredibly awkward to ask the “Why Me?” questions when I’m the one who asked for the meeting in the first place.

The answer is “Yes, you should have The Why Conversation,” but doing so might require that you change the way you do your outreach.

The trick is that your “ask” should be for a meeting to find out if there’s a good fit, NOT for you to present a pitch or otherwise act like you’re applying for a job.

If there isn’t a good fit, fine. No harm, no foul. Maybe you can even put them in touch with someone who is a good fit.

If there IS a good fit, you’ll both recognize it and the likelihood of closing the deal at a good profit margin increases.