October 2, 2023

Making Better Decisions with Annie Duke

This week on TBOA, Annie Duke—former professional poker player and now decision strategist, author, and speaker—joins us for a no-holds-barred discussion about how to make better decisions.


“There are only two things that determine the way your life turns out. Luck and the quality of your decisions. That’s it.” — Annie Duke

Be sure to stick around to the very end for a lightning round of Q+A on making better decisions.

Talking Points

When we won’t quit a bad idea because we hear a unicorn success story—instead of making the smarter move to invest “our treasure” (talents, time, and energy) elsewhere.

Why we never have ALL the facts when making decisions (and how luck swings outcomes more than we think).

When we have to ignore how much money we’ve “put in the pot” and fold instead (and why pre-bet kill criteria will be your friend).

Thinking in bets: how to calculate your expected value from a decision (and why horses are more dangerous than sharks).

How soloists can establish truth-seeking groups to get the value of constructive advice (and why this is so critical to high performance).

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