September 16, 2023

Why you MUST include benefits in your proposals

Let’s say you build WordPress sites.

A potential client asks you how much it would cost for you to build a website for them.

What are you going to write about in the proposal…?


The time it’ll take you to do the work?

The quantity of deliverables you’ll produce?

Guess what?

Your client doesn’t really care about any of these.

These items are all INPUTS and DELIVERABLES.

What the client REALLY wants are BENEFITS.

What are benefits?

Benefits are the ways in which the client’s life will be better after you’re done. The results. The outcomes.

Not putting benefits in your proposal is like me asking you:

Hey, I’ve got 100 milligrams of Vitamin J. Wanna buy it for $50?

As the seller, I probably know all the wonderful ways in which Vitamin J can improve people’s lives. I’m a Vitamin J expert. But if you don’t know how it will improve your life, you won’t spend a dime on it.

So, for you to agree to buy 100mg of Vitamin J for $50, I would first need to connect the dots between taking the dose and some outcome that is worth more than $50 to you.

Here’s the thing…

Committing to deliver actual benefits instead of inputs and deliverables will cause your prospective clients to compare your price to their perceived value of the benefits to them, instead of the prices of some cheaper competitor who can promise the same inputs and deliverables for less.

Focusing your proposal on the business benefits that your buyer is after will connect the dots in their mind between the activities you undertake and the outcomes they desire.

This means that you can set higher fees and still close deals because you’ll be differentiated from the competition in a way that is more important than money.



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