September 13, 2023

Knowledge vs Experience

If you search Google for videos on “how to play guitar,” you will get more than 700 million results.

You could watch every single one of those videos, but you still wouldn’t be able to play the guitar.

And you certainly wouldn’t understand what it takes to walk onstage in front of a packed house and perform.

Sure, knowledge is valuable.

But there’s a big gap between knowledge and understanding.

You bridge the gap with experience.

Here’s the thing...

A good book about how to create a successful business is valuable, but it will only give you knowledge.

If you want to achieve understanding, you need an experience.

I built The Pricing Seminar to give you that experience.

The Pricing Seminar is designed to change the way you think about packaging and selling your expertise.

It is not a DIY class. It is an interactive workshop where you will learn by doing.

As a group, we walk through the process of conceiving, researching, designing, marketing, pricing, and selling to clients who are anxious to buy.

If you feel like you’ve been “winging it” with regard to your business development efforts, TPS might be for you.


Registration opens soon. I hope to see you there!