July 31, 2023

Building A Business Around Your Genius

This week on TBOA, Rochelle and I ask the question:

What if you could spend most—if not all—of the time in your business firmly in your genius zone, doing what only you do best?


Talking Points

The four zones of work and how to continue morphing toward your personal genius zone.

How to think about (and master) the upward spiral that is consistently spending more work time in your genius zone.

The clues that tell you it’s time to exit the trap of doing work where you’re merely competent or excellent.

Embracing the counterintuitive idea that you can do less—and do fewer things—to move ahead faster.

Understanding those things that are a drag on your energy vs. a source of fuel.

Quotable Quotes

“One of the ways that we sabotage ourselves is we stay in our zone of competence or excellence. We actively push away opportunities to be in our genius zone. It’s almost like, who am I to have it this good?”—RM

“The upward spiral is aspirational. It’s not about being a perfectionist. It’s an iterative process.”—JS

“You do nobody any favors by staying in your zone of excellence or your zone of competence.”—RM

“Your genius is way bigger than a business model or something like that. It’s almost like a trait, like a superpower.”—JS

“Your genius zone is about how you contribute to the world by bringing it your best talents.”—RM

“The process of honing down to my genius zone is really just looking at the stuff that drains me and not doing it anymore.”—JS

“Every day that you’re alive, you could get a little bit more into your genius zone.”—RM

“It feels weird to think that you might need to do less to get ahead. It’s counterintuitive.”—JS

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