July 24, 2023

Why Wouldn’t You Hire Help?

This week on TBOA, Rochelle and I ask the question:

Why do some clients choose to DIY instead of hiring you/buying your solution?


Talking Points

How it feels when clients have several choices but don’t trust that any will bring them reliably to their finish line.

The perceived experience and control clients feel from a DIY solution (that they don’t completely trust they’ll get from you).

How to make it easier for certain clients to hire you or drop out earlier in the process.

What goes through clients’ heads as they consider spending money for your services/outcomes.

Quotable Quotes

“Once you make that decision and you pick the horse, you’re riding that horse to the end.”—JS

“Just because you decided to do it yourself doesn’t mean that you know what’s behind the walls.”—RM

“There’s no real way for a non-expert to judge the capabilities of an expert.”—JS

“You consciously chose this because it was a better-perceived experience for you than the level of unknown with hiring somebody to do it.”—RM

“All of the decision-making processes that kept us paralyzed turned out in retrospect to have been unfounded.”—JS

“Sometimes when you bring in additional team members, it allows you to make a different promise to your client and make it easier for them to hire you.”—RM

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