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3 Questions To Help Focus Your Positioning

If you’re not attracting as many leads as you’d like, you might have a soggy positioning problem.

Here are three questions that you can use to focus your positioning:

  1. WHO do you want to spend your time with?
  2. WHAT do you want to spend your time doing?
  3. WHERE is the overlap between these two answers?

One way to work through this exercise might look like this:

Grab two different colored sticky note pads, let’s say yellow and blue, for the sake of example.

Jot down answers to the WHO question on the yellow stickies, one answer per sticky.

Jot down answers to the WHAT question on the blue stickies, one answer per sticky.

When you’re done with those, make different combinations of yellow and blue sticky notes to come up with a list of possible answers to the WHERE question.

What you’re looking for is a combination of WHO and WHAT that is likely to be valued highly by the chosen audience.

If you have time, hit reply and let me know what you come up with.

Have fun!




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