April 29, 2023

The Productivity Assumption

The core assumption of every productivity self-help book is that you have a ton of stuff to do that you want to finish as quickly as possible.

And based on this assumption, the book will then go on to describe the various tactics you can use to complete these distasteful tasks more quickly.

But none of them ever ask...

Why do you have so much distasteful stuff to do?

I mean think about it...

Would you care about completing your tasks more quickly (i.e., increasing your productivity) if every appointment in your calendar was a delightful experience that you were looking forward to?

To put it another way...

Think of something you truly enjoy doing and then notice that you’ve never looked for a way to do it more productively.

Here’s the thing...

Instead of looking for ways to complete distasteful tasks more quickly, maybe look for ways to fill your calendar with stuff you enjoy doing.