April 14, 2023

What clients REALLY want are results

Buyers who are working with limited knowledge will often self-diagnose and prescribe the only solution that they are aware of.

Then, they reach out to sellers who provide this solution and ask for it directly.


“Hey, doc! My chest has been hurting. I Googled around, and apparently, I need a triple bypass. When can we start?”

The issue here is NOT that there is actually only one solution to the client’s problem.

It’s that the client is only aware of one solution and is asking for it directly.

A doctor would never accept a client’s self-diagnosis and neither should you.

Here’s the thing...

Your clients don’t really want hours or words or revisions or code or features or websites or photos or videos or illustrations or contracts or blueprints or any other sort of inputs or deliverables from you.

What clients REALLY want are benefits.



And that’s what you base your price on.