April 1, 2023

Don’t try to write good content

One of the members in my coaching community asked a question that I know a lot of people struggle with:

“Does anyone here struggle with confidence that you can produce good content?”

The dangerous word here is “good.”

You don’t need to create GOOD content, you need to create USEFUL content.

The quickest way to gain confidence that your content is useful is to Answer Bomb folks in your target market.

If you do this often, you’ll find out pretty quickly whether or not people think it’s “good.”

Here’s the thing...

Writing regularly is probably the single most important thing you can do to set yourself apart from your competitors, attract better clients, and justify premium prices.

Don’t avoid writing because you’re afraid it won’t be “good,” whatever that means.

Just get out there every day and write things that help people and you’ll be fine.