February 11, 2023

re: Podcasting Blockers

A couple of fellow list members replied to yesterday’s message about the most common reasons why people DON’T start their own podcast (shared with permission):

Hating the sound of your own voice is a reason why you SHOULD start a podcast. Editing my own podcast made me hyper-aware of how often I said the word “um” and led me to do something about it. I followed the advice you gave in the podcasting course - “don‘t edit the ‘um’s; Become a better speaker.” 15 episodes in, and I‘m a lot happier with how I sound. —Dr Genevieve Hayes, AI and Analytics Specialist, host of Value Driven Data Science

Love this! I can say that starting a podcast back in 2020 was the best marketing activity I’ve ever done. (Maybe this good decision will be eclipsed by daily email once I finally start that later this month!) We’ve continued to get really good leads from the podcast, even though that wasn’t a serious thought in my mind when starting it. —Joel Clermont, author of Mastering Laravel Validation Rules, host of No Compromises

More encouraging words...

5DPC, the 5-Day Podcast Challenge, is my favorite online course ever. In five days, you’re recording your first podcast episode in the “jstark style” —Jonathan Alger, C&G Partners

The Five Day Podcasting challenge course helped me to launch a podcast I’d been thinking about doing for months in five days. I started the course on May 11th, and by June 8th, had the first episode produced and released. That’s 3 weeks from the first day of the course to the first episode being available to the public. That’s incredible and a testament to Jonathan’s approach in teaching both the mechanics of how to get started and removing the roadblocks to producing a podcast. —George Stocker, host fo Build Better Software

I attended 5DPC a little less than a year ago and launched my podcast right after. 5DPC was like a kick for me to launch my podcast. —Aliaksei Kuncevič, host of Angular Rocks

Why not you?

If you have always wanted to start a show but gotten overwhelmed and given up, my 5-Day Podcast Challenge is the answer.

It’s an interactive online workshop designed to take you from zero to podcast in just five days.

The next session starts this coming Monday, so enroll now or miss out.


Don’t waste another year “planning” your podcast. Launch that dang thing!

There are people out there who need to hear what you have to say.