February 3, 2023

The Stress Of The Procedure

Fellow list member Dr. Ben Burkitt replied to my last message about different types of costs with this excellent observation (shared with permission):

I might have another cost that an average consultant does not have to deal with, the anxiety of going through treatment.

As a dentist, after I get someone numb, the process is not painful, but it can be unpleasant.

Some patients would much rather pay for sedation—an increase in price in order to decrease the emotional anxiety cost of going through treatment.

I think “cost” to the patient or client is much more than money. It can be time, stress, or effort, not just the number of dollars you pay.

I can charge more for my services if I can decrease these other “costs” to my patient.

—Dr. Burkitt

Yes! Great point.

I certainly have seen clients suffering from “the stress of the procedure” from time to time, even though I wasn’t drilling their teeth ;-)

If you have seen the same with your clients, you might be able to increase your fees (or offer higher value options) by doing a little extra to decrease the anxiety of the engagement for them.