May 11, 2022

Success story from reader Alex Marcus

Fellow list member Alex Marcus wrote in with an early success using my 5-page proposal template (shared with permission, lightly edited for clarity):


I just used your proposal template for the first time with a prospect. I was amazed at how smoothly it structured the conversation. I’ve been trying out value-based pricing for a few months now, but my options were always disjointed, not building on each other. Probably confusing to the client. This one was crystal clear, the value adds at each level made perfect sense to them. And bonus: they didn’t balk at the pricing, which is at/above the highest end of the spectrum for my line of work.

Fingers crossed, but regardless: thank you!!!


Thanks to Alex for sharing! Messages like this make my day :-)

If you’ve had success - or even an A-HA moment - using my 5-page proposal template, please hit reply and let me know!



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