Captain’s log, stardate 20211226


Would You Rather

My 8yo daughter ran into the living room tonight to challenge me to an impromptu game of Would You Rather.

She dove right in with:

“Would you rather be locked in a dog crate overnight or only be able to take one step per minute for a whole day?”


I should probably check her YouTube history...

Anyways, I said:



“Hey! That’s cheating!”


“I know, but... what if you gave me two good options to choose from instead of two bad ones?”

She was intrigued by this idea but needed clarification...

She asked:

“Like what?”

So I said the first thing that came to mind:

“Like... would you rather be rich or happy?”

She paused for a long time pondering this.

A smile slowly crept across her face.

Her expression continued to evolve into what only can be described as a grimace.

Finally, she burst out in frustration:

“AAAARGGHHH! I’ll probably think about this for my entire life!!!”


Here’s the thing...

Like all good Would You Rather questions, “rich vs happy” is a false dichotomy.

It’s two different sliding scales:

  1. Rich vs broke
  2. Happy vs miserable

All four combinations are possible:

While there is surely some interplay between these two variables at the extremes, they are largely independent.

Personally, as long as my kids figure out the “happy” axis, I don’t really care that much about where they land on the “rich” one.




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