November 13, 2021

Me Monster

There’s a topic that I’m fascinated by but I don’t talk about much:


The older I get, the more I think that STATUS can be a key aspect of value, and therefore, effective pricing.

Status is a zero-sum game, which is a turn off for me, personally.


I recognize that status is a game that lots of people like to play, so I keep my eyes peeled for useful examples.

Tonight I stumbled across a YouTube video by comedian Brian Reagan in which he did a brilliant job acting out an exaggerated “status wrestling match” in a dinner party scenario:

(The whole thing is funny but the status bit starts at around 49 minutes after the eye doctor stuff)

Here’s the thing...

Status games are stupid.

They hobble your mission.

They label you as a small thinker.

And, they will never make you happy long term.