September 28, 2021

Success story from reader Bob Stevens

Fellow list member Bob Stevens wrote in with a wonderful success story that I hope will inspire you (shared with permission):

In 2020, I sent this message to a director at a music camp (one I attended 20 years ago) in response to a post about the danger of the camp closing down after 70 successful years: "I saw the urgent request for fundraising and thought I would reach out and ask if you might be able to use my brand strategy skills to help you meet financial goals---100% not soliciting (I hate that stuff) -- really just want to find out if I can help! Please let me know!" It resulted in facilitating a brand strategy workshop for free. I’ve been testing my LFPS ("helping musically-based organizations thrive against all odds" through brand strategy) and saw this as an opportunity give value away for free, and learn more about the audience I’m chasing. They were overjoyed with the insights, gave me some great testimonials, and even answered my questions about what they would’ve paid (to help me with pricing for other musical non-profits). 9 months later... for the first time in my life, I was solicited for my opinion. Not production. Not design. Not logo work. They actually want to pay me to tell them what to do? What? Really? Did I successfully position myself as someone who "knows about" over someone who "does?" How’d that happen? ***Instant feeling of joy and fear*** Crap. Now what? It was really difficult to change my frame of mind even with your proposal framework, but I used the Goldilocks pricing, was specific about my involvement level, and just braced for objections. Their response, "This looks great. We’d like to do option 1 with just a little bit of option 2..." Yeah. They actually asked if I could do LESS than what I proposed, and pay the same price! AND, the price I quoted them for consulting services is double what they thought my workshop was worth. (interesting that a non-profit, struggling to stay afloat, all of the sudden is willing to spend money...) AND they didn’t even mention the 100% up front. "Send us an invoice and we can get started right away." Per usual, thank you. Thank you for your guidance, the value of your newsletter, the podcast... everything I’m learning from you is so valuable. I’m super hard on myself for not being more successful, not networking enough, not doing enough... and it’s seemingly taking forever to even start thinking about leaving my 9-5 with zero runway built up... but wins like this one are such a boost to my self-esteem and confidence. Couldn’t have gotten here without your help!

Thanks to Bob for sharing!