February 13, 2021

Q&A Hijack

Last night, the inimitable Chris Do apparently did some sort of AMA on Clubhouse and I guess asked people to submit questions via the #futurpro hashtag on Twitter.

I saw the whole thing after the fact and couldn’t help chiming in with my two cents on a number of juicy questions.

Here are the questions I answered (with links to my response in case you want to ask follow-up questions on any of my replies):

Q: how do you plan for intentional slow/rest seasons?

A: Create leverage link

Q: Initially, how did you gather bandwidth to focus on other creative endeavors while still running your primary agency?

A: Delete all social media and video apps from your phone link

Q: How do you value your contribution when entering into a B2B collaboration?

A: Based on the results that you are confident in delivering link

Q: creative people are great at a ton of things, right? What’s a good way to distill down your skill set into a marketable venture?

A: Demonstrate results in terms that are meaningful to your ideal buyers link

Q: What mistake is made the most when starting a creative business?

A: Taking on clients that you know are a bad fit just because you need the money link

Q: how can I get over this initial hump of finding a niche and finding sales

A: Decide what you want to be known for, or who you want to help the most. And then go all in. link

Q: If I pick a niche which has good money opportunities, but I am not passionate about, should I stick with it?

A: You won’t stick with it, so no. link

Q: Where do you draw the line on "friends and family discount?

A: Do it for free or not at all link

Q: Pointers for charging for consulting?

A: Productize the repeatable stuff, value price the one-off stuff link

Q: Should I keep my fees lower when I move from in house to freelance?

A: Your fees should be aligned with the results you deliver. When you went freelance is irrelevant. link

Q: If I’m quite new in the industry, how do I tell a story that shows why I’m the one?

A: Deliver results that can be measured and talk about them using numbers link

Q: what does one do when they realize that their niche is not a smallest viable market?

A: Go smaller link

Q: How to deal with slow corporate structures that aren’t moving fast enough to keep up with the industry?

A: Blaze a trail with early adopters and the wallflowers will follow eventually link

Q: when do you switch over from your 9-5 and full time dive in to your business even if it means losing money at first

A: As soon as you have enough stability to confidently say no to bad fit clients link

Q: When do we hire a Business coach ? Before starting a business? Or already in business for years?

A: As soon as you can afford it link