February 8, 2021

When YOU Are The Client

This week on TBOA:

“You already know how it feels to be on the service-providing end of a client relationship. But what about when the tables are turned and YOU become the client?”


Talking Points

Getting hyper-clear on what you most value from each specific relationship.

Considering the degree of collaboration you’re looking for (and how to avoid micro-managing).

Choosing wisely when you have a high risk/high reward, bet the business situation.

Ensuring the people on your team “get” your business and your vision while sharing your essential values.

Quotable Quotes

“The best way to see how nuts hourly billing is is to pay someone hourly for a little while.”—JS

“Part of being the client is getting clear on how you want to work and how you’re going to measure your happiness.”—RM

“The way to be the leader is to act like the leader... a leader would say no to way more customers than you’re taking on. A leader would be the most expensive—by 50% at least—that’s going to make you look like the leader.”—JS

“When you are the client, you still have the responsibility to choose someone who’s going to work well with you. You’ve got to use your spidey sense.”—RM

“The danger is when the risk is very high the person who is taking the risk can get very hands on at... the worst possible time.”—JS

“It’s really important that you know that they (your providers) know what you want.”—RM

“If you want someone to hit a home run for you, you need to define where the wall is so they can aim for it.” —JS

“It’s relatively easy on the front end to decide if you could trust someone. You can look at their website, you can see how they talk, their testimonials... and you get that sense for how their values and their style connect with yours.”—RM

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