November 19, 2020

“How can I test new messaging without updating my website a million times?” and more...

In today’s group coaching session, we had a bunch of good questions that touched on topics like:

Plus, I did a short teardown of an email opt-in page.


Here are some of the questions I answered today:

My target audience is Google Ads marketeers. I have an email list with over 2k subscribers that signed up for my lead magnet (Google sheet with links to free scripts). I send infrequent emails to my email list with either more free scripts, or tips and tricks to help Google Ads experts be more productive. I want to start the daily emails. Do you recommend creating a separate list where my current subscribers can sign up for the daily’s, or simply start sending the daily newsletter to the list? (timestamp: 1m 28s)

How to approach the specific customer you want to work with. They do not know you and your expertise, but you know you could impact one or more their business and experience metrics? (timestamp: 5m 53s)

I’ve tested the product of one company, and the fitness program truly works, but the web app experience is far from expectations. It’s unfriendly, and buggy and I see why people would not renew the subscription. My impact could mean to double or even triple potential client’s revenue based on a current business model (yearly subscription) and few number assumptions. What are the steps to getting this type of client? (timestamp: 12m 30s)

I’ve recently made the move to become more specialized in my domain and am about to launch a new version of my website with refocused positioning, new offers and various lead magnets. Given that inbound marketing takes time to generate leads, what are the most effective outreach strategies that you would recommend in the meantime? I’ve heard you mention on a podcast that asking for feedback is a good prompt but I’m curious to hear of others. Thanks! (timestamp: 12m 41s)

My question is related to the most recent tough love site teardown. Is there a way to test your messaging without a landing page? Putting together a landing page takes time and it seems like it’d be better to know you have a solid message before investing too much time in making another page. Related to testing your message is there a risk of changing this messaging too often and appearing scattered? (timestamp: 18m 37s)

Can you speak about a solo technical consultant using an administrative assisant for various tasks? Who should get one and who should not? (timestamp: 27m 24s)

How does a solo consultant handle vacation? (timestamp: 32m 37s)

I’ve been livestreaming every weekday this month. How can I best re-use the content that I have created? Any other suggestions around the topic of livestreaming? (timestamp: 37m 0s)

I want to do webinars ("Brand Storyboard Café" free mini- sessions) for lead generation. Should there be more info on this landing page? E.g. example drawings? How to spread the word? How to place the signup on my site without distracting from the main CTA? How to integrate it into a marketing flow? (timestamp: 43m 29s)

From Slack: Is anybody doing webinars regularly? How do you get people to sign up? I could do these every week, or once a month. What is best? And how would it play together with e.g. Youtube lives where I would do basically the same, only that people can watch without signing up? (timestamp: 52m 36s)

What are your top 5 recommended readings to help us diagnose the types of value conversations that can be had? For example, I recall once you told me "this sounds like they have a busted waterline and just need someone to fix it". I’d love to learn how to diagnose the situation more quickly so I can direct focus on better questions. I’ve read all of your books; all of Alan Weiss; "Let’s Get Real..", "Implementing Value Pricing" (Baker), and "Positioning for Professionals" (Williams). (timestamp: 60m 29s)

I have a client that is going through an ownership transition, and currently without a CMO. My agency is being tapped for on-demand strategic guidance and creation direction, however the client has shot down my offer of a retainer multiple times (they are paying on a per project basis). How do you feel about offering myself as a fractional-CMO type of role arrangement? How would you pitch a fractional-CMO role different from an agency retainer? - Thanks JS! (timestamp: 68m 24s)

(If you’re curious, you can review the entire list of past questions here)

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