November 6, 2020

FYI - YouTube Livestreams

Long time list members may recall that I experimented with answering questions on YouTube in 2019. I did about 100 videos and it was cool, but... tracking the questions, recording the answers, editing the video, exporting the video, uploading the video, adding notes to the description, etc took a TON of time.

It was a fun experiment but ultimately I decided to take a break and regroup. Then COVID happened and I got focused on other things.

Fast forward to last Wednesday, when for some reason I got it in my head to try a YouTube livestream. OMG it was so easy! I’m a huge fan of frictionless publishing and hoo boy, YouTube Live is about as frictionless as a greased eel.

I’ve done two impromptu livestreams since then and I will definitely do more. If you’d like to pop in live to ask me follow up questions about the topic of the day, head over to The Jonathan Stark Show channel and hit the SUBSCRIBE button.

I hope to see you there!