January 24, 2020

Razor vs Laser

Almost nobody I talk to is happy with the number of leads they’re getting.

And not having enough leads can make you feel desperate in a sales interview.

If you feel desperate in a sales interview, it is almost impossible to conduct The Why Conversation effectively.

If you can’t conduct The Why Conversation effectively, you’re almost certainly going to underprice yourself.

If you underprice yourself, you’re going to have razor thin margins.

If you have razor thin margins, you’re never going to get ahead of where you are right now.

Here’s the thing...

The quickest way I know of to get more leads is to get laser focused about who your ideal buyer is.

Once you do so, figuring out how to reach them usually becomes pretty obvious.

So... if you want to get away from razor thin margins, a great first step is to get laser focused about your target market.